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Beginning Belly Dance  ~With Laylia
Come one come all, especially you!  Take a chance and explore the fun and sensual side of yourself!  Join
us while we explore the ancient art of the Shimmy, lock, snake arms and
undulations as well as folkloric and modern fusion Techniques by doing
them!  Experience the mystique, sensuality and
silly side of this dance form. Dancers of all sizes and shapes are
invited to take a break from life and come explore belly dance.  We invite you to have fun, follow along, and take things at your own pace- doing as much or as little as you like!   Start Anytime!

What to wear: Anything that is comfortable!   Flexible soled danceshoes, ballet slippers, dance sandles or barefoot.  If you have it- something fun around your hips.  Hair up if it is hot or bothersome to you.   You may want to use finger cymbals etc... you may purchase these from us or shop online~

We will be sitting on the ground (for those who cannot chair modification is usually available

"Laylia has a certain something that moves me.. really moves me in a way I haven't felt in a very long time.. she reminds me of the way my mother danced.." ~Hadara

"Laylia's so very perceptive, whether it's regarding her students' bodies, group dynamics, approaches to learning... she's a truly gifted
~L. Peterson

I have been studying with Laylia for over a year now, in my 11th year studying belly dance. I feel SOOOO blessed to call her my teacher. ~
Sofia Saharr

Yes! I want to learn to Belly Dance!!! Download the Class Calenders here

Click here to learn a about Laylia's School of Belly Dance &Drum  

  Laylia's Front Page   

Troupe Info- Laylia's Bio- Video-             below

Information on grou p classes, children's classes, or to book a class:  Call (614) 312-4252   
or email

 Performance Groups ~  

Pro/Am   ** The Odins' Orchids, Rambling Rythms, Calico, Instanbellies & Metamorphosis are our adult’s performance Troupes
open to ages 15+ of all levels of experience. Costumes and dancing will
be directed by Laylia.  Belly Gram, restarant and Solo performance
oppertunities exist when students are ready and interested.    All
members must be enrolled in at least one additional dance class per
week. Call our office to schedule an audition.

Upcoming: Performances:    Ohio All star, Expressions in Oriental,  Dayton City Folk Festival, Alabama Wiporwil's Extravaganza, Ashville Viking Fest,    

If you have questions or would like to join us for classes,
please contact us at info@Laylia.com or by phone at 614-312-4252.




Naughty Navels~ Laylia hires professional musicians/dancers who are character-actors to put on a specific show. Participants
must work together under Laylia's Direction to make a reasonably period
and entertaining show. There are slots for 2 dancers and 2 musicians.  
Naughty Navels is not a dancer venue, it is a theater comedy show. Requirements:
Please prepaire 3 diffferent specialties/props/schticks (they must be
outdoor proof) (No FIRE or WHIPS).  You must be able to play zills and
be prepaired to play a character part-not yourself, and stay in character  Applicants should be prepaired to dance in extreme heat, cold, rain.
  Vocal Inflictions and accents are preferred. 

The Naughty Navels is not a drumming venue either
Drummers need to be able to play basic rythms without embellishing and
without complaint.  Please be prepaired to play bass rythm or lead
rythms and stick to it, learn new rythms, and be flexable.  Musicians
please be prepaired to play what is asked for and not what you feel
like,and play during extreme weather.  Hand drums need to be period
looking, and not dependant on weather.. You must be prepaired to
play with your shirt on during extremely hot weather.

If you have questions or would like to join us for classes,
please contact us at info@Laylia.com or by phone at 614-312-4252.


Photo By:  Stephanie Matthews 


Laylia Lynn is known
for her Comedy Shows, Audience Interaction, and fun dance style!
Artistic Director, Founder, and principal dancer of Reniassance
festival Children's Show's..  Including producing over ten years of The
Naughty Navels (Live Music and Belly Dancing) Reniassance
Festival currently featured at the Ohio Reniasance festival. 

Photo for Turkana ~ Check out the CD!

is a nationally recognized workshop instructor for Middle Eastern drums
and Dance.  She has taught for  Ohio State University Student
Activities Program and countless clubs and organizations.  Currently
she is a dance educator on staff for  Upper Arlington's Life Long
Learning Program (OH), Annual Instructor Wiporwil's Extravaganza (AL),
and has her own school.

Laylia's professional
performances have her travelling across the United States,
Canada, and Mexico. She toured as a dancer/drummer with Turkana
(Turkish Band) and has been choosen for the honor of representing
Turkey in the Internation Basketball Championships Celebrations, the
 2003 Turkish Festival in Chigaco's Daley Plaza,  performance for
universities, the Turkish Ambassador in Canada and TAACO's New years
Celebrations and concerts.   

M.E. Dance Teachers: (Extensive) Hakan Kaya, Selayma Anan ~ ( Continuing  education  classes/seminars)
Rachel Brice, Little Egypt, Karim Nagi, Faten Ali Munger, Morrocco,
Paulette Reece-Denis, Aziza, Eva Cernik, Sonia, Aisha Ali,  Artemis,
Sultan Tarik,  Dhalila, Yasmina Ramsey, Suspira, Mesmera, Fat Chance,
Megah, Zenobia, Roxanne, Tasha Banat, Ava Alemming,  etc.

 M.E. Drum Teachers (Extensive) Hakan Kaya (Continuing  education  classes/seminars)  Issam, Karim Nagi, Jaas,  Daveed, etc.

Other Teachers/Teams/Exp:
Theater: Alvis Moore~ Ballroom: (late) Igor Iskhakov, OSU Ballroom
Team, Marco ~Street Salsa: Selayma~ Syncronized/Drill/hip hop: 4 years
Competitive team ,  Cheer: 2 years.  Interactive dance, Tap, Paino,
Performance Baton, Floor routine Gymnastics, Ice Dancing


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